Prime Time

CHRIS WELDING JAKES.jpg (694099 bytes)
Chris welding tabs on frame
JAKES BIKE BEFORE PRIMMER.jpg (780720 bytes)

Frame mocked up

JAKES PRIMMED NO MOTOR.jpg (490333 bytes)

Paint is done, waiting for motor to be installed

JAKE 1 W HURST.jpg (643919 bytes)

Motor is installed. Need to adjust push rods

JAKE 2 W HURST.jpg (454063 bytes)

This bike went through a few changes w/ the shifter

IM000474.jpg (406080 bytes)

Adding the oil

JAKES SEAT.jpg (605972 bytes)

As you can see, the changes w/ the shifter, this time the owner of this chopper is satisfied.

JAKE ON CHOPP.jpg (638565 bytes)

Owner, Jake Bannon, lead singer of death metal band, Converge, looks very pleased of his modified ride.

FRONT END ON JAKES.jpg (563166 bytes)

A Chopper Enterprises front end was used on this scoot

JAKES IN THE SNOW.jpg (545613 bytes)

A nice looking shot of the front

CHRIS ON JAKES.jpg (428885 bytes)

Chris burning the "bugs" out of the motor

HERB, CHRIS, JAKE.jpg (206089 bytes)

Looks like Chris is going over the basics

CHRIS2.jpg (395809 bytes)

Chris burning more "bugs" before the chop goes home

CHRIS, JAKE, HERB.jpg (202723 bytes)

Herb looks like he's eager to take it for a spin

CHRIS, HERB.jpg (228269 bytes)

With the shifting modifications Chris shows Herb where the shifting is located

HERB ON JAKES CHOPPER.jpg (168429 bytes)

Looks good Herb!

HERB1.jpg (152268 bytes)

Herb loved it as you can see. Maybe there is a future chopper for Herb at Chopper Enterprises










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