Pops on Ol'Blue

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One of our earliest choppers!  The handmade springer front-end and flipped-over handlebars were the beginning of a career (and a passion for anything chopped).

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In the early days, my bedroom had many uses from paint drying booth (parts next to the radiator dried quickly) to early stage assembly.   Here Chris is learning from his dad how to run the wiring inside the frame.
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When things got too much for the bedroom the projects began to make their way to the basement.
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Dad is showing Chris  the right way to assemble a righteous rigid, mounting and aligning the rear wheel.
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An early project in primer.  Growing up in around motorcycles and hot-rods gave Chris an understanding of why people rode, what they wanted, and how they built those wild machines. 
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Chris began his career by working alongside his father helping him with his bike. The back yard has  always had some real treasures. 
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While still in high school, I was building choppers for guys all over town.
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Dad has been an inspiration, teacher, and promoter for many years.  Thanks Dad!
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Another early project almost ready for the engine & tranny.
seventeen.jpg (36062 bytes)
My high school project. Many parts were hand fabricated, just like the "old days".  Pretty cool huh?
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Choppers and Street Rods.... It doesn't get any better than this.
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It wasn't long before we started to take trophies every time we brought some of our bikes to a show or a meet.



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