We have been hand bending and welding custom exhausts for most of our custom bikes.  Before delivery, the exhausts are given a show quality triple chrome plating.  This attention to detail will ensure that your bike looks and performs its best for many years to come.

PB100027.jpg (46094 bytes)
Classic 'shorties'
PB100021.jpg (44944 bytes)
to hand bent upswepts and classic fishtails....
fishtail1_a.jpg (46060 bytes)
We couldn't skip this picture.  Nice pipes huh?
PB100045.jpg (50625 bytes)
Nice and long... for a very different look.
rock03e.jpg (65341 bytes)
Reversed fishtails were real popular.
PB100035.jpg (43209 bytes)
Our red and black bike with some megaphones.
PB100063.jpg (44503 bytes)
One of our award winners. Complete with hand bent exhaust.
PB100055.jpg (42496 bytes)
Big John's bike with mild upsweep pipes
P1010041.jpg (47767 bytes)
Another example of long up-swept pipes.
cb13.jpg (42964 bytes)
Upswept with an attitude!

We can bend
your new exhaust
into ANY shape
you want!
Give us a call, we will help you get your baby sounding (and looking) just right!
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We've done everything from radical exhausts to full restoration of vintage exhausts.


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