We offer painting that is a true representation of the chopper culture and period.  We are not saying that we don't check out the bikes with the $10,000 airbrushed murals on them. They just don't belong on a chopper.  If you want your chopper to reflect the period then give us a call.

PB100041.jpg (43994 bytes)
Candy red, this stretch job just flows before your eyes..
mario2.jpg (89395 bytes)
What a beauty!
PB100035.jpg (43209 bytes)
Classic lines, two colors, what a beauty!
PB100021.jpg (44944 bytes)
Nice.... enough said.
PB100027.jpg (46094 bytes)
Murals aren't needed to make this bike stand out from all the others.
PB100063.jpg (44503 bytes)
Basic black... you can never go wrong!
PB100036.jpg (46226 bytes)
Paint should compliment the lines of your bike.
twisted2_a.jpg (47270 bytes)
three.jpg (35903 bytes)
and more flames...
earlybooth2.jpg (24135 bytes)
Our early drying booth...
scallop.jpg (75476 bytes)
A scallop design is true to the period...
scallop2.jpg (101156 bytes)
Look at the clean lines... this is what choppers are all about.
flame2.jpg (36130 bytes) two.jpg (50270 bytes) yellow_a.jpg (133794 bytes)
cb8.jpg (26902 bytes) Get your painting done by someone that has lived and breathed choppers for over 20 years.


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