Before some T.V. show or "Overnight Celebrity" 

claims they came up with this neat idea

just remember you seen it here first!!!

Here was an idea I came up with for a Triumph project I'm in the middle of building

this is a left foot shifter that I transformed into a right side hand shifter


Chop it!

Bend it

Weld it

Grind it

Finish it

...that's what we do!

13.jpg (53338 bytes)
Step-By-Step Stretching


From the simple......

weld3_a.jpg (37480 bytes)
Making a small gas tank for a drag bike.

tank2_a.jpg (48890 bytes)
Here it is..all chromed and ready for the races!

Updated On: 03/15/2012 10:28:18 PM

Flash Back!!!

triumph flash back.jpg (401312 bytes)

Larry of Boston Biker

012_edited.JPG (598851 bytes)

Blue Chop Project!
8.jpg (54897 bytes)

Mail Order Chop

Scan10082.JPG (27056 bytes)


To a wild, stretched, chopper that turns heads and takes awards everywhere it goes!

P9290023.jpg (33668 bytes)
Just painted, this is going to be a real head turner.  The Corvette blue really stands out.
41.jpg (31613 bytes)
We wanted something radical. We made a jig to keep everything in alignment and started bending.
fifteen.jpg (33421 bytes)
The neck has been dropped and stretched. Looking long, low, and radical...
fourteen.jpg (46145 bytes)
All the chopping, welding, and grinding is done.
sixteen.jpg (47903 bytes)
Now it is time to turn our attention to the custom peanut tank.
redneck_a.jpg (47690 bytes)
The super long springer has been designed, fabricated, and chromed.
fab1_a.jpg (41003 bytes)
We made the handlebars and sissybar to flow along with the lines of the bike.
seatpan_a.jpg (43232 bytes)
We made the seatpan for a tight fit that keeps with the long and low theme. 
rocker_a.jpg (34403 bytes)
The rockers and mini-drum wheel keep the bike a true period chopper.
42.jpg (51424 bytes)
Trying it out for fit.... Man this thing feels AWESOME! 
twelve.jpg (42736 bytes)
Almost there.... The frame has been detailed and painted.

longneck2_a.jpg (32690 bytes)
And here it is!  What a nice riding machine.



Some more project photos

10.jpg (44596 bytes)
Chris - hard at work in the shop.
chop1_a.jpg (37757 bytes)
chop_a.jpg (44897 bytes)
weld1_a.jpg (49897 bytes)
seats_a.jpg (42212 bytes)
Checking layouts..
start_a.jpg (45888 bytes)
Modifying plans...
PB100027.jpg (46094 bytes) P3290008.JPG (108037 bytes)
A works in progress...
mega3_a.jpg (39936 bytes)
Not everything is chopped and stretched.
oiltank.jpg (30855 bytes)
A custom oil tank..
oiltank3_a.jpg (50094 bytes)
Here it is installed on one of our project bikes.
1.jpg (14049 bytes)
A fender that has been welded, grinded, and primed.  Man, this thing is smoooth!...
Your next bike can be a one of a kind, hand built machine. P3290015.JPG (114589 bytes)
This is how it starts sometimes.
cb18.jpg (37485 bytes)
Taking all the measurements
cb20.jpg (28457 bytes)
Laying it all out
cb17.jpg (28381 bytes)
Chopping it up
Give us a call... cb7.jpg (27309 bytes)
Out comes the neck section
cb16.jpg (29732 bytes)
Checking the fit
cb15.jpg (34775 bytes)
Ready for welding
Scan10075.JPG (34093 bytes) Scan10076.JPG (31961 bytes) Scan10091.JPG (31940 bytes)
Scan10092.JPG (38213 bytes) Scan10093.JPG (24690 bytes) Scan10077.JPG (38315 bytes)

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