Makin' Sissy Bars  

We are always being asked HOW we make the sissy bars.   

The answer is simple..

 "We measure, cut, heat, bend, grind, weld, heat, bend, grind, weld, ......"  you get the idea.


It might sound easy but to get a good looking sissybar takes experience.  Give us a call, we'll make you one for your ride.



38.jpg (32088 bytes)
It might look easy but keeping equal
lengths requires lots of practice and
39.jpg (38983 bytes)
First bends are done, now it is time for
the second set of bends.
16.jpg (24254 bytes)
Drawing the "devil tail" out on a
piece of steel and ready for cutting.

55.jpg (53239 bytes)
Cutting out the tail and grinding to
perfect dimensions.

41.jpg (29341 bytes)
Trial fitting with a paper mockup of the tail to check for correct proportions.

15.jpg (30222 bytes)
Welding the tail...
50.jpg (75145 bytes)
Grinding for perfect flowing lines
1.jpg (24284 bytes)
Finished and ready for chrome plating.