Our hand-made sissy bars will complete the look of your bike.
  • Any size
  • Any shape
  • Any material
  • Any decorative elements

If you can imagine it we can make it!

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to radical......  it's your choice!
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All of our sissy bars are special order which means you supply us with drawing and exact measurements height, width, etc.  So your responsible for your mistakes, you measure twice and I will produce once.  We specialize also in custom Evo slip on and off bars as no aftermarket company does not offer these.  Also rigid frame sissy bars are also very popular here.  Raw steel starts at $250.00 and up.  Chrome plated starts at $350.00 and up.

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Why settle for store bought.....

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Here's how we make'em!

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We will build a sissybar that not only FITS your bike but fits your PERSONALITY.
Here are just a few examples to get you thinking,,,,  (click to enlarge)

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Classic lines in any width or length,
P2010047HAM_CUT.JPG (19198 bytes)
Want something extreme!  Check out this 6 foot beauty.
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Our hand fabricated sissybars are  everlasting, so will the chrome on your new bar.

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The lines on your sissy bar should complement the lines of your bike.  Look closely, we've added a leather hang-man's noose to this one!

peace.jpg (44717 bytes)
Complete the period look of your bike with a Peace sign mounted high on the bar.
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Want something different?  This one is strong, functional, and won't take away from your bike.
Give us a call, we will make a sissybar that will blend in with your bike or stop people in their tracks....  You decide!

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Get twisted!  We will twist, bend, and weld to any shape you want.

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